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Jenni in Kumily, Kerala, South India, March 2019

My teachers:

If you’ve read my book, or heard me lecture, you know how strongly I feel that we must all give credit to our teachers. Here are the teachers to have influenced by path in the most profound ways.

Prabhat Menon, India

I have undying gratitude for the humor, discipline, and generosity of Prabhat Menon. I am honored to have shared meals, laughs, and to have benefitted from his uncompromising style of discipline and instruction.

I don’t think more has ever been demanded of me in a training. I will forever be impressed by the depth of his knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you!

Learn more about Prabhat at his website

He also has a wonderful and difficult to find book: One Rope, Two Feet, & Healing Oils: Chavutti Thirummal, the Ancient Art of Keralite Massage

Abby Parker, Hawaii

Abby was the first person to introduce me to barefoot massage. She imparted her wisdom and experience and made learning fun, inspiring, and unique.

She is such a gifted and inspiring artist and embodies everything charming about the local vibe and healing community on the islands.

I think about the path she sent me on often, and how lovely it was watching whales from her linai. Mahalo from the mainland.

Learn more about Abby at her website here.

Other amazing teachers that have influenced me:

Lolita Knight, Michelle Mace, and the written works of Shizuko Yamamoto.

Recommending Reading:

Coming soon.

The History of Kalaripayattu:

The Myths, Techniques, and Structure of Kalaripayattu Training:

Youtube videos of Kalaripayattu:

The world’s oldest barefoot massage tradition (Chavutti Thirummal) comes out of Kerala, South India and is embedded within Kalaripayattu, the oldest martial art in the world.

Many techniques in barefoot massage mimic aspects of the martial art it is born from.

"Kerala's Sword-Fighting Granny" (in Malayalam). Good for seeing her and her students in action practicing Kalaripayattu:

Meenakshi Amma on Women and Self-Defense and Her Story (English):

"Sword Fighting Granny Kicks Ass" (English subtitles):

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